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Over 50 Books To Read For Your Business

Business books

Business, marketing, motivational, personal development, and productivity books You may be like me – lots of books on your shelf or stored online to read and listen to. Here is a list of books that have been recommended by various entrepreneurs. What am I reading now?The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and John David Mann Look through […]

Using Stencil Graphics Online

Stencil Graphics

Stencil for Graphics You can use Stencil to create graphics for websites and social media. Backgrounds I love there are so many backgrounds to choose from. There are over 850,000 photos available for backgrounds. It would be helpful if you could resize or better adjust them. The search feature lets you see pictures that match. […]

More than 50 Photography Resources

Photography / Photos You use photographs in your life for many different reasons. In business you want to make sure they are standing out and conveying information to your customer that fits your message. Your photos are used for posting on social media and can attract more customers to click and look at your content. […]

Twitter resources

Ideas for using Twitter. Have you used Twitter to connect with your customers? You can be seen and share valuable informationg to help those who are following you. Even though you are limited in the number of characters, you can still convey details about your business. There have been updates that pictures and links are […]