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Amazon Books Published

Notebook – Blue Butterfly / Pink Flower – Butterfly / Blue Flower / Blue Sky – Butterfly with water drop – Lighthouse – My Bible Notes Wedding Day Planner – Cake/Table cover – Circles cover – Cream cover – Cream bow cover – Red Hearts cover – Red Hearts cover – Red Hearts cover – Red/White […]

Help! My Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

First of all, bookmark this page. You never know when you may need it. True story, this happened to me today.  You can read below what happened or go ahead and use the link now if this is an emergency.What you can do to recover your accountHere is the link:  https://www.facebook.com/help/1306725409382822My storyI received a Facebook message from […]

9 Work at Home Jobs You Have to Check Out

Work from home options Tired of working at a job you do not enjoy? Want to have an income from home? When you have the Internet, you can work virtually in many different job types. Depending on your interests and personality, you may like some options more than others. I recently wrote an email to […]