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4 Things To Do On Social Media For Your Business

Using social media for your business

What to do

You know how it is. Always learning from the leaders. Here is some information I learned this week.

1 Listen

What are people in your industry talking about? Listen to what people are saying.

What are people looking to solve?  Learn their language and terms to later use in your content.

2 Build authority

Share valuable content. Remember, you listened, now you know what people are looking for.

Share tips, ideas, tools, and techniques.

3 Build relationships

Stay one month on that same social site. Take the time to build relationships with individuals. Get to know them and let them get to know you. You will better know what they need.

You also give them time to get to know you. Usually, people need to know, like and trust someone before they do business with them.

4 Sell

Only a small percentage of what you do on social sites. After you have provided the information they need and built a relationship with them, you can show them what you have to solve their problems.


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