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4 Things To Do On Social Media For Your Business

Using social media for your business

What to do You know how it is. Always learning from the leaders. Here is some information I learned this week. 1 Listen What are people in your industry talking about? Listen to what people are saying. What are people looking to solve?  Learn their language and terms to later use in your content. 2 […]

3 Ways To Improve Your Network Marketing Business

The importance of personal development in your business It is imperative that you are improving your mindset daily through personal development. If you just keep moving along with your daily tasks, you may not be strengthening your mind. You can become weighed down. It may be harder to push forward and improve your business. What […]

Steps You Need To Know For Facebook Lives

1. Find content You need to find content that is relevant for your audience. This can be your notes from a webinar or other event you have attended. You can find articles in your niche from other websites. You can create new content based on your experience. 2. Study content If this content is from […]

Have You Read Magnetic Sponsoring?

Learn to sponsor in your network marketing businessFollow along with me as I read Magnetic Sponsoring: How To Attract Endless New Leads And Distributors To You Automatically by Mike Dillard.I just found out this weekend that it will no longer be printed after November 1, 2017. So now is the time to order your copy.Below are […]

How To Use Your Blog For Network Marketing

You may be new to network marketing and wonder how you could use a blog to market your products. Read to see how a blog can be beneficial for your audience. Here are my notes from a recent course I took on blogging by Ray Higdon. Target Audience You want to think about who your […]

Linking To Blog Posts On Your Facebook Page

Help! I cannot change the picture of headline on my Facebook Post. When you post a link to a blog post, Facebook will pull the picture, headline and description. You used to be able to make changes to these, but no longer. There are some workarounds. First, learn from my experience. I published a post and […]

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